General care instructions

For support of the healing period of your piercing you will obtain a homeopathic oil at your appointment in the studio, which perfectly complements with the body's own healing powers.
It does not contain alcohol. Alcohol dries out the skin. Ointments and creams easily clog the wound canal. Generally, wound creams and ointments are designed for superficial injuries. A piercing is not a superficial injury. The following points may occur, but should not cause you a headache.
If they are amplified or various occur at the same time, come right over!
Basically what always applies is: If you feel unsure about anything, just ask!

After piercing it occurs that...

the pierced body part could swell (cooling helps).
• the wound burns and / or hurts slightly.
• the wound bleeds slightly.
• fluid is leaking from the wound (no pus).
• the piercing feels like it has "ups and downs".
• there may be unexpected restrictions for you because certain movements are uncomfortable.


"General anesthesia, please," is what many people keep saying when they come to my studio. Often it is the fear that moves the customers to turn around. But mostly friends are there!
Yes, and how should you explain to them that you have changed your mind, if they were already enthusiastic about the idea of "holding your hand" through the process of getting pierced. They can now go home without having achieved anything.
Yes, they have fear written all over their faces. If they are still able to say something, then often comes: "But I do get anesthesia?" , then the answer of the piercer is: "NO". That will do no good. Anesthesia has many disadvantages, which I then explain with examples. How it's done at the doctor, where also no anesthesia is used before a vaccination or blood test. Whether I pierce or puncture the skin - it does not make much difference in terms of pain.
Certainly, the pain sensation is different to many. And some factors depend on it, e.g., the person, the place, fear through negative previous experience, fear through influence, and so on.

Care instructions

Belly button, nipple

It is recommended to shower twice a day with antiseptic shower gel, then dab with Zewa (no used towel because of bacteria), drip homeopathic oil on the piercing and move it slightly, cover with plaster. This care is valid for 2 weeks, then once a day for 2 weeks. After 3 days, you can bathe in a dead sea salt bath (promotes healing). The healing time is about 8 to 12 weeks.

Nose, tragus, auricle, eyebrow

Wash hands. Clean piercing with homeopathic oil. Put a drop of oil on the piercing canal and move it. Healing time is 2 - 4 months (eyebrow 1 month). During the first 2 weeks please do not visit swimming pools, saunas or solariums. It is recommended to cover the piercing with a plaster at night for the first 5 days.

Upper lip, lower lip

It is recommended to clean the piercing with the homeopathic oil twice a day for the first 2 weeks, after the 2nd week only once a day. Rinse with mouth rinse after every eating, drinking and smoking (the preparation of the mouth rinse is explained in the studio). Smoking is not recommended for the first 2 days (because of the risk of inflammation). The healing time is about 4 to 8 weeks. Please do not visit swimming pools, saunas or solariums during the first 2 weeks.

tongue, frenulum

It is recommended to use the mouth rinse after each eating, drinking and smoking. 2 times a day a drop of oil on the puncture. No dairy products, no tongue kisses, no fruit acids and no spicy or salty foods, do not eat or drink anything hot for 2 weeks. Please do not smoke for the first 48 hours. Do not play with or manipulate the piercing. Cool your tongue through if necessary: 1. externally applying an ice tie to the neck. 2. dissolving ice chips in your mouth. FOLLOWING RULES TO BE AWARE OF DURING THE HEALING PERIOD: Swelling can vary greatly from person to person and in timing. Please do not get into the habit of chewing or biting on the piercing, this can lead to tooth damage. It is recommended to wear a stick of suitable length after the healing period. No physical exertion for the first 5 days, no visits to the sauna, solarium or swimming pool. For the lip band piercing the same care measures are recommended as for the tongue piercing, reduced to one week. Please keep the aftercare appointments: First after 14 days (change of jewelry tongue).


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